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Short Stories

"Under a Blanket of Dust"

Blue Moon Literary and Art Review, Issue 9, Fall 2013

"December 24th"

Botticelli Literary Magazine, Issue 5, Spring 2014

"It's a Boy!"

Firefly Magazine, Issue 6, Spring 2016

"The Touch"

First published in Icarus Down Review, Vol. 4, Spring 2016 (Out of print)

Now available at Pennyshorts, Summer 2017

"121 Chestnut Street"

The 3288 Review, Volume 1, Issue 4, Spring 2016


BoomerLitMag, Volume II, Number 1, Summer 2016

"Condition: Used"

First published in Cold Creek Review, Vol. 2, Summer 2017 (Out of print)

Now available here, at

"Lifetime Supply"

CommuterLit, March 12th, 2018

"When You Were Young"

Beautiful Losers, July 2018


Potato Soup Journal, September 16th, 2019